SERIES: Stop Motion Chalk Mandala Series

Inside The Lines

Pretty Little Humans in Pretty Little Boxes

A New Age of Ice Skating

The Sagas of The Parkinglot Princess

The Rail Trail Saga

A Soma-Nautical Interoceptive Overload

Post-Apocalyptic Girls just wanna have fun

Navigating Unstable foundations

From the Goddess Particle.... the First Love Chain was Formed

Wichita Vortex Sutra

A Simple Anecdote About a Gazelle and a Cheetah

Know Your Fear Responses

and Thus The Body's Desire to Be Dissolved by the Night

BathTub Office Hours (series)

Princess Rapunzel's Teenage Roller Dreams

Water Will Take On The Shape of Every Container It Is Placed In

in Utero

I have been waiting for this moment my entire life

Wreckless Abandon


The Great American Assurance

Can you Hear Yourself Close Your Eyes (live performance)

Temporary Journey Into Coiled Up Dimensions (pt 1 & 2)

In a Parallel Universe I am a Fallen Wave Remembering I am Still the Sea

A Wrinkle Moving Through a Higgs Field

This Symmetry is Super!

Covalent Bonding

Attraction and Repulsion

A Curve In The Fourth Dimension of Space and Time


Dancing With Sarah

D E S I R E....... Can You Buy My Love

Vanity's Fare

The Judgement of the Dress Maker

Our Lady of the Skinny Minnies (Full Figure)

Camera Roll ( a series of Make Up Painted Faces)

Quality Time With a Bike Rack

Unrequited Relationships

The Conjuring of Glacial Lake Missoula

Inner Alchemy

120 years of gravity

Tracing Space

Ghost of Orquevuax

Chakras and Auras


Ice Age Memories

The Ice That Keeps You

I Wanna Free You With My Rhythm


So Hum (of Salt)

Sweep and Tap

50 feet of Dancing

Earth Grounding at the Gihon

Going The Distance


Routine Grounding



Shoes & Sticks

Mandalas + selfies


Mental Maps

Cosmosgrams 1-10?